Over the last 3 years the state government has radically changed laws relating to the environment and commercial development. The government argues that these changes (and others waiting to be passed) are warranted, claiming they are simply "cutting red tape" in order to streamline development application processes and spur economic development opportunties. Unfortunately the resultant impacts on community rights have had devastating outcomes. They are blatantly unfair, focus more on commercial gains, disregard the environment and literally wipe away community rights of appeal.

Decreed (through Council plan) that quarries should not have to provide THEIR land as a green buffer zone. The effect? - the previous minimum 500m separation area around all quarries has been dramatically decreased and in many cases residential properties have become the defacto green buffer zone. The concerning result is that it appears that quarry activity will be moved closer to where people live. The previous government did offer to reinstate quarry buffer zones and take rural and residential land out of the Key Resource Area but we have nothing in writing and await the final Gold Coast City Plan with some trepidation.

Declared the Darlington Range Key Resource Area No 67 as an area of state significance which dissallows community appeals against quarry activities. The previous government did offer to take rural and residential land out of the KRA but we have nothing in writing.


Cancelled the existing 1500m buffer zone for noxious industry and made it ZERO (Minister now has final say with no appeal by the community allowed)


Introduced costs into the Planning and Environment Court so residents appealing inappropriate development could find themselves paying developers’ costs which are typically in the $millions.


Sacked hundreds from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection including many environmental officers responsible for assessing and monitoring environmental issues. The government calls this "cutting red tape."


Cancelled the waste levy turning Queensland into NSW’s dumping ground.


Weakened tree clearing laws earning the description from the Environmental Defenders Office as the biggest leap backwards in environmental regulation, certainly for the last 20 years. This was despite the Premier’s personal promise at the 2012 State election not to reduce the statutory protection in Queensland.


Defunded the Environmental Defender’s Office. The EDO provides free legal advice to people wishing to take on commercial developers in court.


Removed riparian vegetation protections which will increase silt and pollution into our waterways and out to sea.


Removed the requirement for flora surveys to be conducted before clearing land.

Cut funds to Koala habitat protection.

State Government changes enacted over the last 3 years that have impacted directly on the Yatala / Ormeau community.

Please note: YRA is not politically aligned. We provide this factual list because these enactments have had a profound effect on the lifestyle and well being of people living and working in Yatala Ormeau region.